Fearless Empowered Women NFP Organization
Fearlessly Making A Difference

About Us



Our team is comprised of strong fearless, empowered women helping other women and teenage girls become successful.  We are strong brave, resilient, beautiful and  inspiring to one another, no matter where you're from or what your background may be, we believe everyone deserves a second chance and everyone should have the support, resources and tools to succeed in life and that is what we bring to women and girls. We embrace women and girls and welcome them to look at life differently. 



Seeing the need in today's world to support, encourage and build our woman to be successful and empowered, we decided to launch a project that would give teenage girls and women from all walks of life an opportunity to learn, grow, and value themselves and become all that they were truly, meant to be. We decided to extend a hand to these women in need and offer a second chance or simply an opportunity to find the true meaning of living and become empowered and successful women.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide women and teenage girls who are faced with life struggles, the necessary resources, and tools needed to succeed in life. We challenge these women and girls to set goals for themselves and we help them achieve their goals by providing emotional support, encouragement and promoting personal growth.  We offer our time, our knowledge and experiences as well as coaching, guidance and help with personal development. We provide for them what they may be lacking at home or in other areas of their lives. We help build self esteem and give women and girls a second chance to do it right by staying with them through every step of their journey. We all come together as a family and support and encourage one another. We build each other up. We create bonds and everlasting relationships with women and girls that would have none otherwise. Our mission extends far beyond our communities, our cities and towns. We help women and teenage girls across the world, no matter where they are from or what struggles they may be facing. Everyone deserves a second chance in life.